Central Washington GMRS Repeater Club

I have build this website for our GMRS Repeater Club.  I will be updating these pages on a regular basis until it is finished.  If anyone has anything that would improve these efforts please feel free to contact me with your idea's.  I may be good at working with HTML and computers in general but I am in no way a writer.  The site is now live on the internet. This page will probably be changing in the next couple of days. Keep checking back. Thank You for checking us out.


You can contact me by E-Mail at wqfu931@live.com.  If you have any file or pictures that you would like added please E-mail them to me, plus I would like to be able to add more faces to our members page.  Have a great day and I hope that you enjoy the site. Links page coming soon.


You can also follow us on Twitter @ http://twitter.com/WenatcheeGMRS Listed Below.


Whats New:   We now have 3 active repeaters in the Wenatchee area. For more  information contact Clark (WPYA330) @ k7fju@yahoo.com or Justin (WQFS650) @ wqfs650@gmail.com.

Anyone with ideas for the  website, please contact me at wqfu931@live.com.


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